How to Stay Positive While Getting Informed — Interview with Kimberly Carter Gamble

THRIVE Producer/Director Kimberly Carter Gamble reflects on how to stay positive while getting informed about our current global situation in this excerpt from an interview with Jennifer Hough on Blog Talk Radio:

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Thank you to Jennifer Hough and Blog Talk Radio for a great interview. Listen to the whole interview with Kimberly.

Audio Transcription

JENNIFER HOUGH: A lot people in the, and I don’t want to label anyone, but in that sort of New Age group or the people who may be interested in spirituality, or even people that feel disenfranchised by their churches and are looking for something else, they started to hook into Law of Attraction. One of the things that people misinterpreted from that entire paradigm is that it’s really important not to focus on anything negative, so what happened was a whole whack of people, millions of people, had this idea that we don’t want to (and I think this is really important to address, by the way) had this idea that we really don’t want to look at the “conspiracies” or the way the economic system is so drastically skewed to a certain group of people, or the way that corporations are run, or, god forbid, the government is run. It’s kind of scary, all that stuff, for some people and what happens is they don’t want to hear about it because they think that if they cloud their minds with “negativity” that it won’t help change the planet. So, I changed my perspective on that. I know that if I wake up, as I’m aware of those things, I know that as my own awakening happens, and as I feel empowered, and I go around the world and assist people to see who they are, I’m actually upgrading. The more awareness I have, the more of that stuff that I’m upgrading and taking with me and we’re finding solutions with, what would you say to those people that are really kind of tentative about hearing about what’s really going on out there?

KIMBERLY CARTER GAMBLE: I think it’s really important, and I love that you brought it up, because I believe that our thoughts are as powerful as any thing. I think all the time about thoughts being like rockets out into the universe and interacting with the universe and so I really understand the motivation behind wanting to focus only on that which is positive and, for me, becoming informed is a part of a very positive process, it’s a hard part of an overall positive process.

I think of it like this (especially if it’s a bunch of women here in this conversation): if you know that there’s an area where five women have been raped in the last week and you have to walk from one part of town to another and you have a chance to go through that part or through another part, it’s really helpful to have the information that five women were raped there so that you can make an informed choice to go a different way. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend your time in the gory details of figuring out every sort of sad, horrific, violent aspect of the whole thing (unless that helps for some other reason), but to have basic information about how something operates when it’s of danger to you and your loved ones. It helps you make informed decisions to avoid that danger and to, ideally (and necessarily, I’d say), help eliminate the danger for others coming after you as well as for yourself.

So, to me, once I get the gist of something, I don’t really need the details to go in it and in it and in it, and I think that’s part of the problem, that a lot of the folks who have really done very important research (Alex Jones and people like that), the rant makes it so hard to listen to and it’s so, just like, “BLAAAA”, you come away feeling kind of assaulted and yet, the fact is that that information is if you can…that’s why my purpose is to be an interpreter on some level because I can hear it, because I really deeply appreciate the care that motivates Alex Jones, and the courage and the diligence of his research, because we hired a fact-checker for our movie and I can say that Alex Jones’ website came out consistently fact-checked, unlike others. So, I know the information is true. I can listen through that tone (most of the time) to glean the information in order to then make more informed choices that make it easier for someone else to have a positive experience.

So, if you know you can empower your local community by keeping your money in a local bank instead of at Wells Fargo, do you need to know everything about who’s behind Wells Fargo and the history of what they’ve done and what they’re doing on this planet? However much you need to know…I needed to know enough to be absolutely certain that what I’m putting out is reliable information and true and verifiable and third-party fact-checked and all that because I’m a Newsweek journalist. I come out of that world of wanting to know what are the facts. To me, the information is not to dwell on, but to create a more positive possibility for our selves and for those coming alongside us and after us. To me, it’s not a matter of focusing on the negative and that’s going to make more happen, it simply allows you to avoid it and correct it and do the things that are necessary.

And, I think that the other part of it has to do with fundamental balance. I believe that there are kind of three co-existing realities. I think that there’s this invisible world of Spirit that has everything from angels and guides and beings from other planets that show up in the form of consciousness as well as actual beings. So, I think that there’s an invisible world. I believe that there’s this 3-D reality where we have our food and we eat and we sleep and we talk on the phone and we do these kinds of things. And I believe there’s also a covert agenda where people really are very disturbed and in super-high positions of power and they’re making choices that make it increasingly impossible to live a whole and beautiful life and if we’re not aware of that, the opportunity, it’s already lost for billions of people on this planet and it’s becoming lost for more.

I don’t believe in pretending that’s not happening because it’s unpleasant to think about will help the world be a more beautiful place. I believe in saying, “Whoa! That’s weird. I never would have awakened in the morning and thought about how to control people. What a bizarre thing to do.” But, it turns out some super-disturbed and powerful people actually do that. Knowing that means I can look differently at the systems that are operating and help to undo those systems and create alternatives that don’t rely on that same consciousness. So, to me, I absolutely agree that our thoughts matter hugely and, to me, it’s the spirit in which this is done to say “I’m learning this information in order to turn it into something that manifests a more positive possibility”.


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