How Healing and Wholeness Impact us All

Thu, 03 Oct 2013 11:08:00 PDT

By Foster Gamble

In this week’s blog, I wanted to highlight a remarkable segment from our Thrive interviews that we couldn’t fit into the film. This is a gem from Dr. Emmet Miller, author of Deep Healing and Our Culture on the Couch.

No matter what problem we are trying to solve, the answer seems always to lie in wholeness, and specifically in restoring the wholeness of natural systems. Whether it’s “holistic” health, honest money, whole foods agriculture, “whole-child” education, natural water re-vitalization, harmonic resonance-based energy technologies, or individual sovereignty, the key is always “Wholeness.”

Dr. Miller points out that the words “wholeness,” and even “holy” come from the same root as “healing.” From cell membranes to global eco-systems, healing is the process through which wholeness is achieved. It’s all about honoring the integrity of toroidal systems. The torus is the universal blueprint for healthy living systems, and it’s our evolutionary imperative to align all our activities with the principles of nature. As Dr. Miller explains, healing is something innate to us all.




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