Green Your School

Green Your School

Get Better Cafeteria FoodUse this Toolkit with step-by step instructions to get healthy, local, sustainable food in your school cafeteria. You can also Link up Local Farms with Your School, Start an Edible Schoolyard, and/or a Life Lab Garden Classroom.

Get Your Energy From Renewable Sources – The “Alliance to Save Energy” has a Green School Program that works with students to come up with a plan to save energy in their schools.

Reduce Waste – Set up a Recycling Program and Compost.

Re-label Trash Cans as “Landfill” – By labeling trash cans as “landfill” you can cut down on waste and get students to think about where their trash is actually going. This is an easy and effective way to reduce waste.

Build Green - The U.S. Green Building Council offers a wealth of information to transform schools into healthy environments that are “conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money.”  Check it out and make your school a Green School.

Join the Green Schools Initiative – The Green Schools Initiative “integrates efforts to reduce schools' ecological footprints, make school environments healthier, and get the whole community thinking about solutions to the problems we face.”