Green Your Neighborhood

Green Your Neighborhood

Photo by Matthew Trump
Transforming your neighborhood can take a lot of work, but it’s key to reducing our oil dependency. The “New Urbanism” movement focuses on greening neighborhoods by making more walkable spaces. The key is designing urban areas so you can walk to the grocery store, shops, work, parks, etc.  Pick something you think is doable in your neighborhood (petition for a park in the area, talk with the county planning department about future growth, create a community garden, etc.) and work with your neighbors to make the shift.

Some examples to learn from include:

Prospect, Colorado – A new urbanist community still being developed.

Kentlands, Maryland – An award-winning neo-traditional community in Gaithersburg, Maryland. People can walk to school, work, and to do their shopping. There are single family homes, town homes, condominiums and rental apartments along with work/home units.  

Seaside, Florida – A vibrant and evolving community of both year-round residents and seasonal guests united in the belief that life is enhanced when people interact, learn and share through experience.