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People are taking important actions for meaningful change on a daily basis — you just don’t hear about it much in the mainstream media. In this audio recording from a call with THRIVE Movement staff members, filmmaker Foster Gamble highlights eight inspiring news stories that are worth celebrating.

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So, it is Good News Tuesday in Thrivesville! What I’d really like to share today are just a whole bunch of good news stories, partly because it’s great to hear some good news stories, but also just because they have been flooding into me in the last week at an unprecedented rate — some of them with huge implications.

The first one is some of you may be familiar with Elizabeth Warren. She’s a consumer protection advocate and she was one of the first people to really stand up to the bankers after the self-created collapse in 2008. She’s now the Senator from Massachusetts and she’s just filed her first piece of legislation. She calls it the “Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act”. Basically, what she’s doing is requiring that student loans be at the same rate that the big banks pay to borrow from the Federal government, which is about 0.75%. This is what Goldman Sachs and Citigroup and so forth get. She has this beautiful statement where she says, “We shouldn’t be profiting from our students who are drowning in debt while giving a great deal to the banks. That’s just wrong.” She’s a feisty lady and a real fighter for justice. Student loans are currently at about 3.4% and, this summer, they’re scheduled to double, to go up to 6.8%. Just as the economy and the dollar are collapsing, they’re going to double the student loan rate! And the average student loan that most people graduate with now is about $26,000, which is an unprecedented high. So this could be huge and, speaking of publicity, for the bankers to fight against this when all these young people are voters, I think it’s a very bold move and I’m proud of her for doing it.

Another great one is that the Colorado House of Representatives has voted unanimously to nullify the Federal farming ban against hemp. Colorado legalized the growth of marijuana, but the Federal government has been trying to shut them down based on the hemp ban. So there’s this whole thing, if you don’t know about nullification, it’s this process that the States are supposed to be able to override the Federal government if they claim that the Federal statutes are unconstitutional. So, Colorado is doing that.

More on the States, the Missouri legislature has just voted to ban the U.N. Agenda 21. I don’t know how familiar you are with Agenda 21, but it is a sneaky and creepy plan that’s across the U.S. It’s in hundreds of cities already. Most people have never even heard of it, but it basically is a Rothschild-Rockefeller-U.N.-run program to take over resources and centralize people’s living and further control people in cities all across the country, basically to reclaim all the natural resources for the government and then put people into high-rise apartment buildings and so forth. Alabama has already done it and Missouri is joining in. So these State initiatives, when they’re successful (whether it’s gay marriage or legalizing marijuana or whatever it is), they’re starting to cascade across the country. As you know, I’m not a big government fan anyway, but while we’ve got one, this is a great stage one of our three-stage business plan. It’s a great stage one strategy to restore as much integrity as possible to the existing institutions.

Then, in Australia, in New South Wales, there is a citizen who really resented the intrusion of privacy of CCTV surveillance cameras that are growing in Australia (the same way they are in the U.K. and the U.S. and virtually everywhere else). So, he filed suit against his city council and ended up winning and the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for the State of New South Wales ruled that “the Council is to refrain from any conduct or action in contravention of an information protection principal or a privacy code of practice and that the Council is to render a written apology to the applicant for the breaches and advise him of the steps to be taken by the Council to remove the possibility of similar breaches in the future”. Once again, it’s a precedent that I think is going to be very popular as people start to realize that some individuals are winning these things, that there are successful Solutionaries out there. That’s what will start the cascade, particularly as the money situation begins to change.

I’ve talked a lot about all the different things that are going on that are collapsing — the current banking system and the various currencies and so forth — and some of our advisors and associates at high levels around the world have been advising us that there’s been this major conflict going on not only between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers (because the Rockefellers have been running the Federal Reserve and they’ve been running it into the ground, so the Rothschilds have been battling with them for control), but then the whole Eastern Bloc (what they call the BRIC’s countries — China, Brazil, Russia, and India) have all been moving more and more toward the purchase of gold and advocating for a gold standard. There’s a woman name Karen Hudes, who’s a former Senior Council member at the World Bank now turned whistleblower and she just did an interview basically describing this whole pending currency transition, which will favor precious metals. Many countries are already allowing (and set to start to allow) precious metals to serve as currencies, but are also shifting to a backing of paper currencies with gold — basically going back to the gold standards. That’s not going to fix the banking problem, but it’s probably the most important single first step, to ban this fiat currency where a few individuals get to make up money whenever they want and then set their own interest rates. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “give me control over the currency and I care not who makes the laws.” So this is starting to change big time. We’re going to see more and more humanitarian money moving around the planet because of the collapse of the Federal Reserve and Rothschild central banking system and the move back to gold, silver, and other commodities backing them.

One more is that there is a woman named Rebecca Campbell who is one of my heroes. Whether she’s got the funding and support or not, she just keeps going relentlessly on telling the truth and goes up practically single-handedly against the banks and the governments and so forth up in Washington State. She has become a big fan also of the One People’s Public Trust and has studied it very deeply. She has just created a Public Interest Courtesy Notice for the chemtrail issue and she has filed this Notice against the Department of Ecology in the State of Washington. It’s a very official, legal document that she’s filed with many “whereas” clauses and, basically, she’s saying “whereas the Department of Ecology must give public notice in advance of permitting weather modification in Washington State” and then, “whereas no public notices for contract bids department acceptances of such bids for weather modification contracts can be found”. She is basically calling them out for allowing weather modification to go forward in the form of chemtrails and then goes on to cite the UCC codes that have been filed against the corporations posing as state governments and national governments that have been officially foreclosed on by the One People’s Public Trust. None of the governments have been willing or able to rebut the claims so basically these claims are now on the record and what she ends her filing with is that since none of these organizations, literally or legally, since they no longer exist after these UCC filings that are un-rebutted, it means that none of the alleged state agency employees have immunity from legal action taken against them for crimes being perpetrated against the people and environment of, in this case, Washington State. So she says, “I respectfully request as one human to another that you cease and desist from your heretofore continuous public denials that this bio-chemical weapons program of persistent toxic chemtrails masquerading as weather modification actually exists”. So, she’s saying if this is not done (the exposing and elimination of these crimes), then the employees of this department, if they refuse to investigate an act, “you and other employees”, she says, “of your alleged state agency will be personally receiving sizable invoices against your private assets under the UCC-based Code of Laws from individual citizens such as myself”.

So, she sent this to me for posting to our network because people can use this in states across the country and then it can also serve as a model for other nations around the world. This is exactly the type of thing that when one person has the guts and the knowledge to actually manifest it and file it, then through the Solutions Hub, we can get it out to where hundreds of thousands of people can use it very quickly. So, YAY, Rebecca!

I want to mention two more. One is that in Guatemala, they have just finished a court case, I don’t know if you’ve been following this, but this is (as far as I can tell in the press) an unprecedented event where a nation-state has tried its own former leader. (Imagine having a Federal Tribunal with Bush and Cheney and the rest of the usual suspects, Kissinger, on trial for what they have done.) The case just ended and the former leader, General Efrain Rios Montt, has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for generating and then managing a program of extermination of indigenous people in the northwest highlands of Guatemala who were resistant to being ruled by the military and by the oligarchy. Not only is he now in jail for this, but this case has the legal right to subpoena documents and people from outside of Guatemala. As you might suspect, this whole program in Guatemala was a CIA-backed coup and genocidal extermination program. I’m really proud of the woman (the judge in this case was a woman, Judge Barrios), and she has ordered further investigation into these documents and other people from the Reagan administration who, supposedly, were complicit in this because it was the CIA who sent Green Berets to Guatemala to train their local military in how to go in and, literally, exterminate entire villages. The fact that this is now coming to light (and of course, her life is being threatened, she’s being followed around in the streets — but they seem to be fully aware that she needs to be extremely protected), once again, it’s setting a precedent for trying high-level military and government officials within one’s own country for not only war crimes, but for just crimes against humanity.

The last one, we’ve already talked about before, but this March Against Monsanto, which is coming up the weekend of the 25th, already has 250 different cities involved. It’s growing really rapidly on the Internet. And, once again, people are sharing fliers with each other. They’re sharing information, so people are getting empowered very quickly and, frankly, it’s virtually unprecedented in my experience. There were marches against the Vietnam War. There were student protests to get their universities to divest from the corporations that were supporting the corporations that were bought into the racist structures in South Africa with apartheid, when that was happening. But, I have never seen people taking to the streets at his scale to go against the destructive acts of a single corporation. So, I have the sense that that whole Monsanto Protection Act has taken things over a tipping point. And the fact that Tom Vilsack, a former Monsanto lobbyist, is the head of Agriculture for Obama. I think it’s crossed a threshold now where people are waking up and this is just going to continue to grow. A similar instance on a smaller scale was in Hungary, where they have banned GMO crops and somebody found a covert field of a thousand acres of GMO beets. The people, literally, took to the fields and burned the entire thousand acres, making very clear that they were serious about banning GMOs. So it’s getting to the level now where people are just saying, “No, you don’t get to poison us anymore.” I know we’re posting about it on Thrive Movement, but I encourage you to keep spreading the word on the Monsanto March.

I guess, in summary (and this is just the tip of the iceberg), I’m seeing all over the world that the corruption is getting exposed, that the banking scheme is getting exposed, that the old regimes are crumbling, and as we’ve all talked about many times, what’s necessary is as it crumbles, rather than people just running around afraid and buying into some one world government, if we have the alternative systems — whole systems: agriculture, currencies, media, and all that type of thing — already viable and working in various places, then the default can be to help grow those systems in a healthy, whole-systems way. So I’m personally very, very excited at all the signs that I’m seeing of what’s emerging to counterbalance this expected collapse.

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