Get informed and share resources like THRIVE with your friends and network

We recommend that you set up your computer like a dashboard, where you are getting the most critical information – our “Vitals” – from the most informed and reliable sources you can find. Check out the websites in the resource tree for the Global Domination Agenda, and sign up for the ones that seem most coherent and reliable to you.

In addition to the Internet, I find it useful to follow a spectrum of mainstream feeds to see what and how they are reporting. You can get quite good very quickly at seeing how they spin facts, promote Problem/Reaction/Solution scenarios or distract the public from Trillion dollar heists of taxpayer money with celebrity gossip or the right left puppet show of traditional party politics.

In the process of getting ourselves informed, I have found it important to be able to identify the particular bias of a source, be it religious, political, national, racial, gender- or class-based...and to seek the facts, the information for which there is strong evidence and compelling logic – and to take those gems while letting go of the rest.

As you do your own research, you will encounter the rampant phenomenon of intentional disinformation. The powers that be who want to discourage people from finding the truth about particular topics put a lot of resources into creating road blocks to real discovery  - particularly on the Internet. We asked one of our archivists to find some examples of this to use to familiarize yourself with what it looks and feels like:

We also recommend that as much as possible you get out of debt and connect with others who can help support you to live off the electric grid for a significant period of time. As systems collapse, things we take for granted like electrical power, food in stores and police protection could disappear very quickly and for an indefinite period. It has happened all over the world as currencies collapse and corrupt governments are exposed. To those who live in the United States...It can happen here. It is happening here.