Foster Gambles' Rebuttal to John Robbins' Email Soliciting Co-Signers for Letter of Dissociation

By Foster Gamble

Since THRIVE weaves together pieces of suppression recounted by many individuals who are pioneers in their own particular area of expertise, and because it is dedicated to the protection of inalienable rights for each and every person, I was surprised to read the letter from the group. I understood better when I saw the distortions and misrepresentations that John Robbins had used in summarizing the film in his plea to get co-signers. Most pioneers, even among progressives, chose not to disavow the film. John refused to share with me how he had represented THRIVE to them, but others have and here, in blue italics, are the notions John concocted to try to enroll people against the message and movement of THRIVE. Following that, in plain text, is our actual perspective.


John Robbins:

The Thrive film and website advocates ideas including:

The deregulation of all U.S. corporations.

This is a completely false representation. No reference is provided by Mr. Robbins that would indicate this. What we do promote is that the rules be based on integrity, freedom and protection of the rights of every individual, rather than on arbitrary manipulation and centralized control.


The political and cultural ideas of the leaders of the John Birch Society, and people closely aligned with Pat Robertson.   

This is the shallow, dishonest and deceptive technique of “guilt by association” and is totally misleading. It would obviously be distracting and undermining if I were to say that we should ignore the knowledge John Robbins brings about food because he pledges allegiance to a political party led by a President that condones torture, steals our liberties (NDAA, CISPA, Guantanamo etc.) serves Wall St. and its fraud and theft, Monsanto and its GMOs, the military industrial complex and its wars of aggression and mass murder of millions of innocent people, subsidizes Exxon, Halliburton and Walmart etc. with our tax dollars.

Robbins and the other dissociates stand by their statements in THRIVE. It is what each pioneer states in the movie that should be evaluated in assessing its message. The information cited by THRIVE that is revealed in the works of G. Edward Griffin concern the hidden agenda of the UN (created by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, controlled with unfair advantage by the elite nuclear countries, and “granting” us rights [Universal Declaration] that should already be inalienable - thereby assuming the power ability to take those same rights away at the leaders whim.) He also has revealed valuable research about the suppression of cancer cures and the deceptive control and destruction of human lives by a corrupt money system (Fiat money and The Federal Reserve). It is a sign of desperation in discussion when Mr. Robbins scrupulously avoids or misrepresents the actual content of THRIVE, instead resorting to distraction from the significance of the actual content using guilt by association.


The economic ideas of Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand.

As stated in the movie, Mises experienced the horrors of communism and fascism in Europe and spent his lifetime exploring principles of ethics and logic that would protect the freedom and security of each person. So exactly which of the principles expressed in the film or site does Mr. Robbins disagree with? And what are his more ethical and practical alternatives? Beyond smears on Wikipedia, what has Robbins actually studied from either of these authors own work and with what specifically does he disagree.


Global warming is a "lie" and "the biggest scam of modern times."  

THRIVE never states either of these. We recognize that climate is changing and we call for transparent, open public discussion from all points of view about such questions as what can be done about pollution that corporations can’t just buy their way out of, why other planets are also warming, why both sides of the usual polarized propaganda slinging have been altering data for their own benefit.


A climate agreement in Copenhagen would have been "a tax base for tyranny." 

Yes. This is an accurate representation of what we and people like Lord Monckton are warning about. Mr. Robbins needs to do his homework on this and many other issues. Should he get interested in a deeper truth, the references are all available at We can curb pollution without getting duped into creating a cercive global tax base for tyranny run by the central banking elite. What does Robbins have to say about this?


There should be no involuntary taxation even for the rich.

We ultimately stand for no authoritarian coercion of and theft from any human being. That is the seed of tyranny upon which all would-be dominators depend. Fortunately, history shows us that the more individual and economic freedom people have the more prosperous, secure and healthy they are. The 3-stage solutions process outlined in the THRIVE movie and website shows how those most disadvantaged by our corrupt systems can be easily nurtured in transition (re-directing current tax revenue away from wars of aggression and eliminating the interest paid to the Federal Reserve for creating money out of nothing) – and without creating new violations.


Public schools and all welfare programs including social security should be eliminated.

Stage 1 & 2 of our solutions plan transitions gradually out of state-dependent and violence-based, mandatory systems. Those most in need would be supported in such areas as welfare and education during the transition, but with funds freed up from the military budget and unnecessary interest paid to the Fed. As a free and prosperous culture is being restored, people will be able to choose their education and they will be in a position to take care of one another in community with their natural compassion. Authoritarian welfare programs assume that human beings lack compassion, while taking away the time and money that folks would naturally use to care for one another.


The United Nations, treaties, and international laws are a front for total world domination by a small elite of demonic bloodlines.

THRIVE never refers to “demonic,” “Evil” or any such dramatic and unnecessary terms. “Destructive” will do and the evidence is growing everywhere. Yes, we do mean to alert viewers that the UN and many treaties (NAFTA, GATT etc.) and proposed international laws are fronts for creating a “one-world” authoritarian state controlled by the international central banking elite and their secret societies (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Royal Institute of International Affairs etc.) If you don’t think maintaining control by certain bloodlines is important to the would-be controllers, just do your homework beyond Wikipedia and it will be obvious. Do you favor paying taxes to the World Bank to fund a one world government with one currency, one army, run by the elite banking families? With their current track record, how do you think that would turn out?


Democracy is a form of government that sustains itself by taking people's money, whether they like it or not. 

Yes, I think this is self-evident, with a minimum of reflection. Do you see any way in which it is not? When did each of us sign up for this agreement and what do you think happens to you if you refuse to give up as much of your income as the government tells you that you must?


...and is therefore evil.

Again, we never use the term “evil” because of all its religious belief connotations and political propaganda confusions. More accurate would be “unjust, coercive, violent and dangerous.” What we do state is that, given that mandatory taxation (the necessary foundation of government) is based on rule by a few and on violent aggression against anyone who disagrees, it violates basic human rights and is unsustainable. I know this seems dramatic, and we are trained not to think about it very deeply. But on the road from rule by the king, the church, and the fascist, socialist and communist dictators, toward “liberty and justice for all,” majority rule (even if it were true) is a big step in the ethical direction - but we are not there yet if the violation of the person, property or security of a single person is justifiable by some individual’s or collective’s notion of the “good of the group.”



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