Free Energy: What You Can Do to Help

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 10:30:00 PST

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Hi Thrivers. Foster here and I want to take a few minutes today to talk with you about free energy. This is the most talked about topic from our film. Lots of inquiries are coming in, lots of excitement, and I want to address some of the key questions that come up for people.

The first one is what’s free about it? I want to be clear that “free” means freely available, like free air, not free like someone’s going to be passing out the devices at this point for free. When the devices are available, the energy that comes from the devices will be way cheaper than anything we’ve had so far and people all over the planet will have access in a way that they haven’t before.

People ask is this a perpetual motion machine? No, there are no perpetual motion machines because all machines are made out of matter, all matter dematerializes, so every machine is going to wind down. It’s the source of energy itself that’s perpetual. That’s the key.

Some people say, does this violate the second law of thermal dynamics, which says every system winds down? No, it doesn’t because that applies to closed systems and the torus is, by definition, an open system. It’s like an atom or a galaxy or ourselves. We’re open to the energy of the universe.

The next most-asked question is if these devices are real, why doesn’t someone just publish the plans or just start selling it on the Internet? Good question. I’ve asked this to numerous inventors and the answer is consistent. It’s because it’s too dangerous. There is a trillion dollar, many trillion dollars, of incentive for corporations to suppress this energy if they have vested interests in other sources of energy already existing (oil, coal, natural gas). And, there are people who want to control our lives and free energy would free up our lives in an unprecedented way. So, people who have tried to bring these technologies out have been threatened, they’ve been gag ordered, some of them have been killed. So, it’s a very serious predicament and I honor the inventors who don’t want to bring this out until it’s safe. The good news is I’m not familiar with a lot of suppression of hoaxers so the fact that so many successful inventors are being suppressed is probably another piece of evidence (besides the fact that I’ve seen these devices), a strong piece of evidence, that many of these devices are real.

Then, the important question for us is what’s it going to take to bring this out into the world. How can we help these inventors? First of all, I think it’s going to take a vast, transparent movement of global proportions and that’s where Thrive can help out. There’s a lot of safety in numbers and as more and more laboratories are being successful in more and more countries, then there’s a broader chance that these devices are going to be able to come out. As Brian O’Leary says in the movie, “this is happening in labs all over the world”.

Secondly, these people are going to need a lot of money. They’re going to need money to secure the labs, to secure themselves. They’re going to need money to complete the devices in a very professional way. They’re going to need money for mass education and contacting very credible people who can learn about this and then come out in support of them in large numbers. They’re going to need money for legal defense funds. There will be frivolous lawsuits filed, most likely (there already have been for other devices), and these people need to be secure in that they’re going to have the best legal help to protect them in court.

So, what can we do as individuals? One, you can go to our website, get more informed at the New Energy section of the website. If you are a scientist and want to inform us about something that you know about this, let us know at [email protected]. If you are a funder, if you’re a person with financial resources and you’ve been frustrated trying to make a difference in the world with your money and you see this as a way that could become an unprecedented type of impact, then either fund inventors that you already know or contact us so we can pool you with other financiers and philanthropists who we can match up with the right inventors and get this stuff out. We just want to play a role in this global emergence so that it’s really unstoppable.

Again, if you want to learn more about this, go to, go to the New Energy section, explore the Solutions section under Critical Mass Actions, and join in with us if you’re inclined. Let’s make this happen. The time has come.

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