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Wed, 06 Jun 2012 12:00:00 PDT

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Hi folks. Foster here and I am thrilled to be announcing the launch of the third major phase of the Thrive Movement with our new Thrive Solutions Hub and Toolkit. This new section of our website is intended to make it easy for you to connect with others in your community who are also inspired by Thrive and ready to take action. The Thrive Solutions Model is designed to empower new as well as already existing groups to link up and multiply your effectiveness by sharing needs and resources and best practices, both in your local community and all around the world. Kimberly and I have been on the road visiting communities all over America and we’re finding people are dealing with similar issues everywhere, but they don’t know of each other’s work. The Thrive Solutions Model is based on a whole-system approach that covers all the primary areas of human endeavor. It’s comprised of 12 interconnected sectors. Both the process and structure of this model are based on nature’s core design: the torus and the vector equilibrium, better described in the movie and in the Fundamental Patterns section of this website. The Solutions Model helps transform isolated activism into coordinated laser beams of effectiveness. The architects of the so-called “New World Order” in their quest for global domination have been extremely comprehensive in their attempt to take control of virtually every sector of our activity. To liberate our lives from those same areas, we need to be equally thorough in our approach.

So, here’s a quick sketch of how the Thrive Solutions Model works. All human endeavor fits somewhere within the 12 Sectors shown here. We met with multiple groups over months to come up with the titles that we now use in common to describe the different sectors so we can share information and resources across sectors and communities. It turns out that in any group, each person has a particular area that they’re most passionate about. In northern California, we used this model to help stop an aerial assault of toxic spray that we talk about in the movie and on our website. Some people wanted to focus on the health impacts on people. Others wanted to see what was happening with the wildlife that was dying after the spray. Others wanted to get going on filing lawsuits. And, others wanted to get media attention. And Kimberly and I wanted to follow the money. We wanted to see who’s funding the toxic spray and why? So even though we all cared about the same issue, stopping the assault, our individual passions actually varied. We found that by having each person identify which sector they’re most interested in, they could focus on that while knowing that the rest of what was needed to happen was being addressed. It’s a simple system that starts with a gathering in your community of people interested in vision and working together on solutions. You identify your key preferences that distinguish your own passion or path. What sector are you most drawn to? And, which level of engagement? Is it Immediate Needs, Systemic Change, or the Consciousness Shift? There’s no better sector or level of engagement. All are valuable. This simply allows people to do what they love (which is more sustainable in the long run) and a lot more fun. We describe this in detail in the Solutions Toolkit, now available to download for free here at

If you’re part of an organization who is currently working on an issue, you can use this model to empower what you’re already doing. After you’ve oriented yourself as individuals, you break down into groups by Sector. We provide a guide on the website, if you want to use it, for exploring the vision and critical issues for your sector as well as the most highly leveraged strategies, tactics, and actions. Then, sector representatives will meet on what we call a “Synergy Team” to coordinate actions and skill sharing with all the sectors in mind. And then, those same reps will report back to their sector groups what went on in the joint meeting. There are also simple tips in the Toolkit on what we have found to be most useful for decision-making and conflict resolution as your team proceeds deeper into the work of transforming key problems in your region.

The main idea behind this structure is to keep everyone informed of what’s happening beyond their own area of focus. Then, periodically, the whole community comes back together again for updates, for learning in specific areas, you can have guest speakers, and for celebration of an evermore thriving community. Best practices, success stories, or special challenges or events can be sent to us here at for sharing among the whole network. And in the future, we envision online webinars where we all meet to explore vital topics and to stay connected.

Supplementing the Solutions Hub, we’ve got lots of supportive tools on our website, such as our trailer of the movie, our Top 10 Recommended Actions, personal support guidelines, and our vast Resource Tree full of organizations, sites, people, and various media to inform your actions. Many groups are finding it effective to hold recurring community screenings of Thrive, which is available for free to screen from, or you can buy the DVDs there as well. Some groups host related guest presentations where they bring in someone who’s especially informed on a given topic, accompanied by discussion and sign-ups for those who want to move on to problem-solving together. We’re delighted to be hearing daily about emerging Thrive Solutions Groups and meet-ups all around the world and now, with the launch of this Solutions Group Hub, it’s the opportunity to begin linking together to learn from, to inspire each other, and to amplify all our efforts.

We encourage you to register your group on the Thrive website and have whoever’s in your group sign up on our email list so that you can all be receiving ongoing notification of important events, shared successes, throughout the Thrive network.

To participate in this network of networks through the Thrive site, we ask only two things: one, that you use these same Sectors, so it’s easy to coordinate the sharing of best practices worldwide and, two, that your solutions and actions not involve the violation of anyone’s individual rights. Thank you for that.

Since releasing Thrive in November of 2011, millions of people have seen and shared it. We’ve had the honor of hearing directly from thousands of you around the world and we know how many awake, ready people there are organizing and engaging to stand up for our lives and for our future. We hope that by joining this network of networks, you will see for yourselves how many of you courageous and creative Solutionaries there are and that you will experience the power that can now emerge from sharing the strategies and the resources that can fulfill our countless creative solutions that are already underway.

So, until next time, please, be informed, be non-violent, and be relentless.

Bye for now.

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