Foster and Kimberly’s Plant Medicine Journey

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 04:45:00 PDT

While working with the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology in the early 1970’s, Foster came across accounts of remarkable healing from what was described as a sacred plant medicine from South America called Ayahuasca. I heard about it as part of my overall exploration of ancient plant wisdom, but neither of us had ever taken it.

We decided to embark on an Ayahuasca journey at Rythmia, the medically-licensed resort in Costa Rica where we went to explore bringing out breakthrough healing technologies and treatments for major illnesses.

Spiritual and psychological exploration are an important part of our lives, and have taken a variety of forms for both of us. Ayahuasca is not for everyone, and engaging in it wisely requires an intentional setting and skilled guidance. For us, an opportunity that offered both a safe, comfortable setting and deeply skilled shamanic guidance came at Rythmia.

Just as a computer is not the Internet, but it is a tool that gives us access to the vast world that the Internet touches — so it is with Ayahuasca — it is a tool by which to access deep healing and natural knowing and better understand how to live in resonance with ourselves, each other and our environment. We are delighted to share our experience with you.


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Audio Transcription

Foster: So nice to be here!

Kimberly: I’m at Rythmia and I’m really excited because I’m about to have my first ayahuasca journey. I have had other plant medicine before, but I’ve never had this particular journey.

Foster: I’m definitely feeling a major flutter of anticipation having never experienced ayahuasca personally before. I’ve heard many incredible stories from many friends on how deeply it’s affected their lives in all different sorts of ways, so I’m excited to see what that will be for me. I, too, have experienced numerous journeys with various plant medicine and entheogens over the years. Usually, once every five to ten years, I will create a sacred space for myself to get the next level of guidance and, frankly, for me that’s usually enough to motivate and guide for the next period of time.

Kimberly: I don’t feel afraid. I feel humbled. It’s like I know that I’m participating with a powerful medicine and I don’t take that lightly.

Foster: Coming to Rythmia in Costa Rica and just feeling the spirit of this place and the beauty of this place, it felt like the exact right opportunity to experience this for the first time with the heritage of the shamanic guidance here and with the incredibly beautiful environment. And then, the safety. It’s a medical facility. It’s a spiritual facility. It’s a comfortable resort. And I feel really humble in the presence of an ancient plant consciousness like this, invited in to expand my consciousness, showing me insights that can empower both my mission in life and any other surprises that it has in store for me along the line of what I need, more than what I know to want already.

Foster: The experience that I just came out of involved as profound and beautiful a vision as I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was literally weeping tears of joy at just the privilege of having had the opportunity in this beautiful place with masterful guidance to have that type of connection.

I saw in the field of geometric visions a little gold, shiny light who took me into…the only words I could relate it to is stories I’ve heard of the Akashic records. I’ve met mystics, inventors, and so forth who have gained the skill of accessing what they call the Akashic records, which is the organic storehouse of knowledge in the cosmic consciousness field and I know one inventor who’s got dozens of inventions who is able to access that voluntarily. He says it’s where all of his inventions come from.

Books are great, science is great and so forth, but it’s still somebody’s opinion. It’s a limited amount of knowledge. When you access nature directly, it’s infinite knowledge and it’s oriented toward harmony and abundance. I was absolutely a beginner being taught by the plant access about how to navigate this dashboard because it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It started out as just a frame. I asked it to go full screen and it did. Then I said, “Well, okay. Let’s go 3-D.” It wrapped around me and from then on it was like 3-D virtual reality except it was this organic process where I could move it. I could change my attention. I could go into a frame or out. But the knowledge came from somewhere else.

Kimberly: Ultimately, we want to be able to provide breakthrough innovations in healing from DNA repair to detoxification to immune-building. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s empowering our own bodies to do what they’re here to do, which is to heal.

When I came here and into this circle, it was with the intention to see if there’s something that I will benefit from seeing, either in the field or in myself, that will help me better manifest this if it is to be manifest. So then, I drank the medicine and it’s really neat because we were lying next to each other, but we didn’t have any interaction all night and it turns out I too was guided by this gold orb light. I was taken from one situation to another. It started with this sheer mountain cliff, like pretty dark, and the gold light was up in the corner and it was like “I’m here”. Very playful and fun and I never doubted, from the first moment I never doubted that the light was there. I just had to become more adept at finding it and at having the absolute assurance that if I didn’t see it, I needed only to have more patience and broader vision. Through my feelings and sensations with the broader vision and the patience, the light would always be revealed. Never give up. This vision will be manifest.

Foster: It was an experience that I will never forget. I look forward to, in many ways, becoming more expert at navigating that dashboard because I had asked the question, “How can I access states of consciousness most effectively that will optimize my efforts in helping the inventors and innovators, our ThriveConnect solutions network, to bring their technologies safely and successfully out?”. I’m just grateful to be granted such an overwhelmingly touching response to that request.



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