For All to Thrive — Poem

Wed, 21 Aug 2013 05:05:00 PDT

For All to Thrive

Foster Gamble

The foxes are in the hen house
The economy’s in a dive
We need to find what on Earth it takes,
For all of us to thrive.

We gave away our money power
To bankers who serve their greed,
By sucking off the real wealth
And putting us all in need.

Right and left each make their case
For control of government force,
But neither has worked because it
Violates liberty, of course.

There’s a pattern by which the Universe
Stays whole and unified
With which we’re learning to align
And by which all can thrive.

And we are each that pattern
And every atom, seed and sun.
Our still centers aren’t just connected,
They are, in truth, all one.

Mystics of many ancient tribes
Understood this pattern and showed
This knowledge in their pyramids
I Ching, Kabala and other codes.

When we spin out of this vortex
When we pull on life or shove
We miss the bliss we’re here for,
The experience of love.

Our macho ways of tapping the force —
Of explosions we then try to control —
Must give way to harmonic resonance
Where all systems can remain whole.

Our radioactivity
Is the death side of the force
We need to ride the in-wave
To the genero-active source.

The ETs have us in quarantine
While they’re trying to keep us alive
In the crops they’re offering exquisite clues
On what we need to know to thrive.

Our true compass is integrity
Where the only relevant spin
Is not more lies and scamming
But to true up the vortex that we’re in.

We do not need to act alone
In bringing real change to pass.
We can sign up for critical actions,
And move when there’s critical mass.

The secret is to do no harm
To let each be safe and free
Then all our systems can be well
In our journey through eternity.

The good news is… if we wake up,
We have all we need to survive
And working together with integrity
We truly all can thrive.

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