ETs — Highlights from our Thrive Together Live Event

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:00:00 PST

The significance of the inquiry into UFOs and ETs, the motives for disinformation, the ramifications of disclosure — here are a few short highlights from our ThriveTogether event.

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Do we have proof the ET phenomenon is real?

Richard Dolan: There are certain things that we know are going on and a number of things that we don’t know are going on but I’ve been very happy to speculate about. Regarding what I know, we can confidently say (I look at the historical record, I’ve been looking at the historical record for a long time) and very briefly (I’m not going to belabor this here), we have, in the United States, a lucky treasure trove of documents that have been released by the government through freedom of information. Technically speaking, we still have a Freedom of Information Act, but I will just say that in practice it’s not what it used to be. There was a glory era of FOIA and that was in the late 1970s during the Jimmy Carter years and it was during that time that we received more than half of what we have to this day in terms of declassified government UFO documents. More than 50% of what we have today comes from those four years of Jimmy Carter. And what we have is pretty amazing. These documents, individually, do not prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial — not any one of those official documents. However, collectively, I would say the top 10, top 20, top 50 of those do prove something: they prove that the UFO phenomenon is absolutely real, absolutely serious, has been attracting the attention of the U.S. military and of other militaries around the world consistently for decades and that these were true head-scratching phenomena that would be tracked by our radar, seen visually by our pilots and military personnel, chased by our pilots. There’s no way that we could compete with these things — not the Americans, not the Russians, not anybody. That has been going on consistently for decades and as far as we can tell, by the way, that is still going on. Not necessarily through Freedom of Information Act documentation, but through military leaks (let us say good persuasive leaks) and we can maybe talk about that. The bottom line is that there’s something going on.

3D Printing and the spread of new energy technology

Richard Dolan: 3D printing is a tremendous threat to the world order. In ten years or more (or less) some smart person is going to upload for free their 3D example of their free energy device, their energy-harvesting device. Guaranteed. There are brilliant people around the world that are doing this right now. I don’t know that all of the ideas are going to succeed, but I’ll bet some of them do. They’re going to upload it and in another decade, you and I and other people may very well have access to sophisticated 3D printing devices that might be able to do the types of energy-harvesting devices that can do the job.

ET invasion as the ultimate False Flag?

ThriveTogether Participant: I had a couple of questions, but I think the one that I’d really like to ask the most is do you think that an ET invasion could be the ultimate false flag event?

Richard Dolan: Great question. I’ve thought about this so frequently. As I said earlier, I believe we live in an era of false flags. In fact, I would almost say we live in the “False Flag Age”.

ThriveTogether Participant: I totally agree.

Richard Dolan: I think you had one in your country not long ago with that hostage situation. I think that it’s happening all the time. The ET false flag scenario — I’m actually not warmed up to that idea, if one is referring to the so-called Project Blue Beam, for instance, which has been a meme for almost 20 years now. I’ve looked into the Blue Beam scenario. This is the idea that some agency would create (there’s lots of variations of this) a holographic projection of ETs or of alien craft, essentially something to terrify the world’s population into submitting into a global fascism. I certainly believe that the goal is to terrify people into creating global fascism. There’s no question in my mind that they’re trying to do that. But, I find it problematic to use the ET phenomenon in order to do this. First of all, unless they immediately either kill or silence every single skeptical scientist (not even skeptical, but intensely hostile scientist), it’s a very tall order to convince these people. You might be able to convince some poorly educated, easily frightened, or gullible person that aliens are invading. I don’t think you’re going to be able to silence an entire infrastructure of scientists who for decades and generations have just said, “This is all bunk”. I don’t think they’re going to roll over that easily. Secondly, it’s following up with this. The logistics of this would just be nightmarish. Of course, they did 9/11 to us, but the ET logistics seem to be vastly more difficult and complex and if I were in charge of running such a false flag, I’d be in terror of it. It would be so easy for something to go wrong and there would be so many other false flags that I think would be easier to do. I don’t really see the logic of an ET false flag. Having said that, if there is ever an ET invasion that were talked about, you can bet that it’s a false flag. You can bet.

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