How the Cyprus Financial Crisis is Part of a Larger Agenda

Tue, 09 Apr 2013 05:37:00 PDT
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In this audio excerpt from a conference call with THRIVE Movement staff members, Foster Gamble connects the dots on how the economic meltdown in Cyprus connects to a larger agenda for control by the global banking elite:

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Audio Transcription

A number of people have asked if I would reflect a little bit on the Cyprus situation and it’s one that I’ve been following pretty closely because of the implications and how it fits in with everything else that Thrive has been exposing and following and there’s a tendency for people to think “well, it’s this little tiny island over in the Middle East off of Turkey”. It’s between Turkey and Syria and hardly anybody knows anything about it and I didn’t know much about it myself. But, it’s really kind of a classic symbol in that way of the whole news media and how it handles events because the news media really goes out of its way to make individual events feel like they’re isolated dots and a lot of what Thrive has succeeded in doing in the movie and the website is actually connecting those dots and as people immerse enough and get some critical mass of understanding of how the dots connect, then that’s the transformation into critical thinking where people can then, ideally, put on the lens of the Global Domination Agenda, or of the Thrive perspective, or of the torus for a solution and actually be able to begin interpreting it themselves. So, Cyprus is the farthest thing from an isolated event.

Let me mention a few things that I’ve learned about it, and I’m sure some of you have been following it as well, but some of the things that I think are most important. First of all, a lot of Russians and people from the Middle East have their off-shore bank accounts in Cyprus. It’s been kind of the Switzerland of the Middle East, or something like that, where people stash these large (hundred million or billion dollar) assets. They stash them in these banks. The simplest interpretation is that when they closed these banks and then don’t open them for many days, in the press they like to call it a bank holiday. Well, no. It really is just a private theft that is going on and they don’t want you banging down the doors trying to get your money back. And, so, the traditional thing in this so-called bank holiday is that when they open them back up again, you’re lucky if you get 40% on your money. Sometimes, in the past, it’s been as low as 20%. And they’re telling people if you’ve got under €100,000, then you’re insured by their version of the FDIC so you’ll get at least something back, supposedly. If it’s over €100,000, basically, they’re just freezing the account and they’re talking about taking up to 60% of these accounts with some of them, I think, people will never get their funds back. So, the funny thing is I take flack for calling taxation “theft” amongst people who’ve never thought about it, but now that they’re obviously stealing people’s money out of their accounts, they’re actually calling it a tax. They’re calling it a sustainability tax, so it really is getting Orwellian. Even in the press these days, it’s getting so obvious.

And this is the model for how the next level of theft is planned to take place. Australia is now talking about, and they’re already working on, legislation to steal major amounts as well from the bank accounts over there and it’s happening around the world. So, the question comes up, “Could that happen here?” I’ll go into that in just a minute. I want to stick with Cyprus for a minute because Cyprus, fundamentally, is this little island that got divided into two during a major battle for its independence that went on for many years. They called it the Cypriot Conflict. Now, it’s divided kind of north and south between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The irony is that they fought for years for their independence and once they got it, then in 2004 they turned around and turned themselves over to the European Union. And Croatia has done the same. Thousands and thousands of people died for the civil war in Croatia and once they had restored peace, they turned themselves over to the European Union. David Icke has compared this, his image for this is, he says, “he feels as if he’s standing outside an apartment house that is fully on fire and he’s listening to someone else say ‘when can I move in?’” because he’s been warning people about exactly this for 25 years and now it’s so blatant, but still people are taking their own time to catch on to it.

So, let me just hold up the lens of the Global Domination Agenda for a moment and just remind us that from our research, it became apparent that there are a few families and the secret societies in which they meet who are running the show. They are the powers behind Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Food, Big Government, you name it. You follow the money and you will come back to them. And, secondly, their agenda has been shown time after time to be to create a one world government, their New World Order, managed and controlled by a police state with no middle class: basically, the mega-rich (themselves) and the debt slaves that work for them.

The main way that they do this is through the banking scam through which they’re creating debt slaves all over the world who not only have to work for the banks the rest of their lives, but now through what the governments have done and so forth, their children and grandchildren are also already indebted even before they are born to work for these bankers for their entire lives. The other main technique they use is the problem/reaction/solution. So when you’re seeing the wars in the Middle East, in Africa, and so forth, if you trace them back, they’re virtually all created by covert agencies as a problem/reaction/solution situation, including most of the Arab Spring uprisings and so forth. It’s the same with the banking situation. Wars used to be fought with weapons and bombs and invasions and soldiers and all that stuff. Then it turned out that there was too much blowback from that so they try to avoid that as much as possible, just like John Perkins described. They try to do the takeover financially so that people don’t know to rise up and pick up their own guns or just say ‘no’ and walk away from the banks and the multinationals and so forth.

One of the key things to recognize is that the same pattern that we describe in Thrive is what you’re seeing playing out all over the place: that fundamentally, the Western Illuminati banking network, the central banking network that depends on the ability to create their own fiat money out of thin air in order to control everybody else, they were the ones that crashed the banking system (leading up to and finally happening in 2008) knowing that they would be bailed out because they could control the governments who would be in charge of that. So then, they were bailed out by the governments (because the governments work for them), but at taxpayer expense. In Europe particularly, you can see the governments, in order to survive this crash, had to borrow money from the big central bank, from the IMF and from the European Central Bank. So they did that just like all the little countries had done previously (the old third-world countries got sucked into that trap out of the economic hitman stuff). Now the big countries in Europe have gone through the same thing.

So, in effect, and this is the kind of “a-ha moment” once people get it, is that now the most massive debt in history, which is the debt owed by the Big Banks (owed by Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo, Chase and Citigroup and so forth), they owe hundreds of trillions of dollars. They’re not only bankrupt, they owe more than the GDP of the United States since its inception. They’re completely without any real funds, but they have managed, because people aren’t informed, they’ve managed to transfer all that debt to the governments and finally to the people themselves who had nothing to do with it and actually have to work real jobs to come up with the money that now they’re supposed to pay. And if you look to see where all that money has gone and where it’s supposed to go, whether it’s TARP or Cyprus, it’s all going to the bankers themselves. And they’re, of course, building barbed wire compounds and underground cities and all this stuff because they know that people are catching on and they’re not going to like it.

Now we come back to the question, “Could that possibly happen in America?” Well, austerity is the word that they’ve used around the country and now it’s being used in Greece and Iceland, Cyprus and throughout Europe and austerity really means “we’re going to cut your welfare programs so that the people who can least afford to just survive will have even less help and we’re going to raise your taxes and prices are going to go up because we’re only surviving through inflating your currency artificially”. And then they’re going to be huge fines with things like the Obamacare medical insurance scam. People will not only have to pay more, but there will be huge fines when people can’t pay. Then, when you look to the other things that we’re hearing about, like the mandatory installation of smart meters and the mandatory carbon tax and Agenda 21 (which is intended to monitor everybody’s use of resources and then dole it out, to ration the energy, based on your acquiescence with the totalitarian agenda, basically), all of that fits in. All of those things are being put in place and America is just kind of last on the program because we’re so well-armed and gradually waking up and have a history of standing up for rights.

So, people have been dumbed-down and sickened a lot so they’re not waking up as fast as they might otherwise, but thank goodness, with the Internet and with things like Thrive and Zeitgeist and a lot of other wonderful media, people are, in fact, waking up. Jaime sent me a great article this week, 22 stats that people should know that are demonstrating the collapse of America and several of them are that 28% of Americans do not have, now, a single penny saved for emergencies and 42% are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck, there are 50 million on food stamps. (That’s an increase of 70% since 2008.) So the margin of error for at least half the people in the country (but it’s really even more than that when you look into the real statistics of unemployment and so forth) can hardly survive a layoff, much less an entire financial collapse of the country where, basically, things just freeze up and companies can’t open their doors, there isn’t food on the shelves, and all that kind of stuff.

So, is this real? Are the heavyweights aware of this? I started telling friends about three years ago, before Thrive even came out, not to keep any large amounts of cash or gold or weapons in their safe deposit box in banks because I’d seen something circulating and confirmed it with a couple of bankers that I know that something had been sent out basically telling the bankers that they needed to be prepared in case of emergency to go into the safe deposit boxes and confiscate contraband and they include in that things like gold and guns and key documents and that kind of stuff. That is now circulating again. That just came out a couple days ago on Infowars so this country is really gearing up for that and all five of the major banks, the big banks, have all had to file their own foreclosure plans with the U.S Treasury, basically saying what they suggest happens if they go out of business. There’s only mounting evidence. I wish we were wrong about this.

So why doesn’t Obama rescue us? Why don’t the bankers just do something reasonable instead of printing fake money and all that stuff? And, once again, just a reminder that their goal is to create a one world government with a cashless currency run by the World Bank and under the control of a police state. And, obviously, all of this stuff, once you put on that lens, instead of seeming crazy and incompetent like what happened to the intelligence and spirit of humanity, no, these same people who learned that they could control millions of people through the media and through the banking system are trying to fulfill on their plan.

We are in the thick of it, folks. Somebody told me once, “Pick your soundtrack because you’re in the midst of your own movie and it’s for real.” And I would say that to all of you, too. Pick the music that you want to have in the background because you are playing major roles in an unfolding at a time when the old powers of endarkenment are really being exposed and collapsing, but meanwhile, they’re doing desperate, destructive things. And, at the same time that we’re all experiencing consciousness expanding and people waking up, there are also major players around the world with a lot of funds who want to help with that and who also have both the financial clout and the military clout to defend that effort. So, I’m actually very hopeful and really pray for as peaceful a transition to that as possible and that’s what we’re working for.

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