Cubans Create Thriving Organic Food Community

After being cut off from oil, fertilizers, and other import goods, Cuba has created one of the most thriving urban garden communities in the world.

Like much of the world today, Cuba was once dependent on food imports and chemical-intensive agriculture to feed its people.  However, when it was cut off from the rest of the world due to trade embargoes, the people took matters into their own hands in order to survive.

What exists now is one of the most successful urban gardening models: more than 60,000 organic urban gardens supply 50-80% of urban food needs.[1] As a result, the cities are more beautiful and residents are eating healthy, organic, locally grown food.  Cuba is a living example to the rest of the world of how we can successfully build local, sustainable food systems that help reduce pollution, reestablish connections to the land and our food, and create meaningful relations with our neighbors.

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