Good News Tuesday — Episode 2

Wed, 29 May 2013 03:32:00 PDT
Photo: March Against Monsanto Photo: Clean Water Portland

The tides are turning! In this audio recording from a call with THRIVE Movement staff members, filmmaker Foster Gamble highlights inspiring news stories of citizens taking action to expose corrupt policies ranging from GMOs, to fluoridation of water, to corrupt banking practices.

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I’m happy to report that what I have to offer for this week is Good News Tuesday — Episode 2! The good news continues to stream in and I’ve got a number of items I want to go over today.

So let’s start with the March Against Monsanto that happened this past weekend, May 25th, in 52 countries and 436 cities (at least) all around the planet. And, it’s particularly interesting timing because the government and Monsanto are doing everything they can to put up firewalls against this. (The Senate just recently shot down the GMO labeling bill by a 71-27 vote.) But these sorts of protests and the lawsuit that was recently won by 6,000 farmers in Peru against Monsanto for deliberately spreading their seeds and then suing farmers for having them in their fields, these sort of things are building a wonderful momentum, similarly to what we’ve reported on earlier with the CISPA Act, the Cyber-Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act, which passed the House, but then when the Senate saw that they had 168 “No” votes already, the Senate ended up shelving it and the ACLU has basically called it dead, at least for now. The percentages are interesting on this because when we have talked with experts in the past and for Thrive on corporate shareholder action, we were taught that, basically, the corporations look for 6% representation from the shareholders against some action that they’re wanting to take and they know if they’re getting 6% vocal people, then that represents enough of a movement that they will tend to change their action. Interestingly enough, that’s the same number (percentage-wise) that took part in the Revolutionary War and made that happen. I think we’re approaching, in relation to Monsanto, worldwide, a precedent for these kinds of actions against other corporations as well.

The next one is that I was thrilled to see that Portland defeated the attempt to fluoridate their water by the government and by government-hired (so called) “health officials”. This is the fourth time that they have shut it down and they remain the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. without mandatory fluoridation. Now, the interesting part of this is that as exciting as that is, in my opinion, like the moth spray incident here in Northern California in 2007, my opinion is there should not even be a vote on this type of thing. The notion that some uninformed majority with rigged voting machines could end up deciding whether you have to ingest toxic substances or be experimented on against your will is just not workable, but as a Stage 1 additional strategy, voting down something like this is encouraging.

Then, I want to report on Michael Tellinger. He and I have had a conversation on the web before and I’ve reported it to this team on exciting things that he’s done taking on the banks in South Africa through what they call NewERA, or the New Economics Rights Alliance. He just sent me an email a few days ago, very excited, that the High Court has just decided in the favor of this organization for the first time (as far as I know of, globally) to interdict the banks, to stop the banks and 50 of their subsidiaries from attempting to repossess homes and cars and assets of more than 1,000 South Africans and they’ve done this on the grounds that the banks had no legal standing to do so. The key is this: that once a loan is (what they call) securitized, which means the banks who loaned you the money (or, really, loaned you some figures on a computer screen), they bundle those loans and then start selling them as investments and then, in the market, they start betting on those and that’s what they call these real estate derivatives that caused the debacle that brought down both the real estate market and the economy in 2008. So what this decision says is that once a loan is securitized like this, then it has a new owner and that means that the bank is no longer the owner and doesn’t have the right to foreclose against the borrower. There have actually been somewhat similar suits in the U.S. where five U.S. banks had to pay $25 billion in similar settlements for fraudulently or wrongly foreclosing on homeowners. This also opens the way for criminal charges against the banks and its senior executives. So this is definitely a turning point in the history of this whole development, worldwide.

The next one is in my last report on Good News, I mentioned Karen Hudes, who’s a senior counsel at the World Bank for 20 years and has now turned whistleblower, and there’s another interview with her since last week where she acknowledges having seen the role of the banks in the manipulation of the gold market. She personally believes, from what she’s seen, that there is no gold left in Fort Knox and she verifies that the Bank for International Settlements is, in fact, the club of these private central bankers. So, more and more, people who have actually been on the inside of these conspiracies are revealing it publicly.

The final thing I want to say about all this is that what Thrive is really looking to do is to turn the Global Domination Agenda, literally, inside-out. Kimberly has mentioned before how smart and shrewd these elite have been in covertly trying to take over all 12 Sectors in a whole-systems model. It doesn’t honor the wholeness of a system, but they’re trying to take over the whole system and because the bankers have the backing of the government (that they basically run) to enforce it, they end up controlling, so-called, both sides of the political spectrum. What we’re looking to help out with is moving to principles-based solutions rather than political-based solutions, basing solutions, like on our Solutions Hub, all based on principles like integrity, like true freedom and non-violation. This transcends, on the solutions side, the attempts by the same “both sides” to control not only every Sector, but all of our lives. So what we’re looking to do in the whole solutions model is to use transparency rather than a covert agenda for the liberation of all 12 Sectors rather than the domination of them. It’s, literally, like when you take a glove and turn it inside-out, a left glove becomes a right glove and when we use a whole systems approach to turn the Global Domination Agenda inside-out, then I think we can actually have a whole-systems approach to a thriving world in all 12 Sectors, where they all transparently can support each other rather than covertly undermining each other. So, I’m personally thrilled at the increasing flood of good news that’s coming in and happy that what we’re doing can contribute to it.

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