Check Out Your Local Government

Did you know that your state and local government is not just funded by taxes? A large source of government revenue actually comes from investments. Citizens typically only hear about proposed government budgets that focus on the allocation of taxes but state and local governments are often sitting on much bigger sources of funds through their investments.  

All of this financial information can be found in what’s called the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” (CAFR). You can order a copy from your local government and learn more about where your money goes. CAFR is a great tool for preventing tax increases. Often government will make the case that there are not enough funds to keep parks open, or fix the roads, or hire more firemen, so they raise taxes. However, if you study CAFR, you may find that there are plenty of funds. You can raise awareness in your community and hold government accountable, all while preventing your taxes from going up.

To learn more, check out this interview with Walter Burien who has brought national attention to this issue.

Interview with Walter Burien on Alex Jones show: