CISPA: While the Boston Bombings Distract Americans, The House Passes Internet Spy Bill

(transcription from Foster’s audio blog of April 24, 2013)

I can talk a little bit about Boston and how it relates to the other issue that I think is really important for people to be aware of now, which is this whole CISPA issue. It’s really important for people to keep their minds open and keep looking at the information. There are many, many unanswered questions.

There’s one article online, “17 Key Unanswered Questions About The Boston Bombings” that would be worth people looking at because where the link is for me here is to keep opening our minds to including all of the information rather than shutting out a bunch of it and just focusing on some. Because, remember all the evidence that there was. That there were drills going on, both at the finish line and at the starting line and there were a lot of these mercenaries around, some that had these hats on with a symbol of the Craft. This is a Blackwater-type of thing and there were a lot of these guys with their black backpacks and their Craft baseball caps and their communication devices and so forth. And, in the same way that there was a lot of compelling evidence against the two brothers, there’s very compelling evidence about these guys from the Craft, too. First of all, what were they doing there?

So, I don’t have the answers, I’m just encouraging people asking questions, but my sense of what’s going on here, and I’ve seen pictures (I don’t know if you’ve seen these pictures online), but there’s a picture of the younger brother leaving the scene of the explosion and he’s still got his backpack on. And then, there’s pictures of one of these Craft guys who was wearing a backpack. He’s also running from the explosion and he doesn’t have his black backpack on anymore. This is the kind of stuff that if the media were actually independent and these police forces were really doing the job that people expect them to do or want them to do, these questions would be front-and-center in the media and the law enforcement would be all over it and, obviously, that’s not the case.

Remember, I’ve said in our last conversation about this, that one of the things we need to be careful of is “what are we being distracted from by something that gets this level of attention?”. And one of the things that I think we’re being distracted from is that the CISPA bill was just passed by the House. CISPA is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act and it’s basically the third attempt after PIPA, which is the Protect Internet Privacy Act and SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Both of those bills were killed, particularly after actions by online activists like Aaron Schwartz, who supposedly committed suicide when he was being threatened with decades in prison for exposing all this type of stuff. I think there’s a strong likelihood that that was one of those suspicious suicides and his friends didn’t see any signs of him being inclined toward anything like that.

But, let’s look at CISPA for a moment because this one has actually gotten through the House. (It hasn’t gotten through the senate yet so there’s still some time to wake people up about it.) But, CISPA is being promoted as a bill that will protect your online privacy, but you know the Patriot Act was promoted in the same way and, then, the Patriot Act was promised to be just limited to use against terrorism, but then, immediately, was brought in for the drug war and it was brought in for all sorts of domestic surveillance and all that type of stuff. So, CISPA fundamentally violates the 4th Amendment, which is the right to not be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure. This is just the online version of the TSA, the same type of unwarranted marauding that they’re doing every time you go to the airport and now they’re going to be trying to do on buses and trains and along the streets and so forth. This is the online version. Ron Paul is warning people this is going to be much worse than what you’re exposed to now with TSA.

And, basically, this is what fascism looks like. This is the totalitarian tiptoe. Fascism is another word for “corporatism” where the government and corporations go into collusion and, for their own interests, they use it as an excuse to take away your rights. So, I think we need to be really careful and really active about this one because if this attempt gets through in the way that PIPA and SOPA didn’t, this could be the camel’s nose under the tent for the next level of controlling the Internet.