Bold New Strategies for Human Thriving

We understand that many Internet-based movies are intentionally free or pirated. We are introducing THRIVE not only as a critically important artifact based on its message but also as a transformative shift in the way money flows in our society.

Are you exhausted by watching massive, global corporations acquire and consume most of the wealth in the world while harming both people and planet along the way? Are you tired of hearing about (and perhaps experiencing personally) one great project after another being stifled by ‘lack of funds’ and the scarcity model embedded within our current systems?

We are. And after putting 8 years of strenuous work and millions of dollars into THRIVE we aim to be a prime example for changing this system. We believe our team’s work has value, and that it is important for valuable work to be compensated – ours and everyone’s.

If you do not believe it is worth $5 to stream THRIVE, that's OK. You can also gather a group to stream it together for pennies each.  In addition we have spent years creating this comprehensive website packed with hundreds of clips, resources and tools that you are free to use anytime. But just for a moment we ask you to think about how easily you spend $5 on less valuable purchases.

There is a lot that needs to change within our current financial systems (most of which are rotten to the core) that have led many to believe that any form of monetary exchange is unhealthy. But we firmly believe that radical global transformation will best thrive as we discover win/win models of prosperity.

Our THRIVE initiative would stall quickly without funding and we believe it is far preferable for us to do voluntary exchange with people who see real value in our offering than to spend our time and energies seeking contributions to a government-regulated non-profit that then could not act politically anyway.

As for how our organization is set up, THRIVE is a for-profit operation, Foster and Kimberly invested $4.5 million dollars and an additional $2.5 came from  trusted individual private investors.

Our plan with the proceeds from the THRIVE movie is to continue to support a team of people and the initiatives needed to focus on finding and distributing the critical solutions as well as to repay our investors. Your purchases keep thrivemovement moving!

We hope you choose to participate and help us to activate these new models by saying ‘Yes’ to renting or buying THRIVE.

We believe creating new business models for global transformation is critical, and we appreciate your participation in this endeavor. Thank you for helping to create a world with us where everyone can thrive.


Foster, Kimberly and the THRIVE team