8 Ways to Explore Your Own Worldview

1) Investigate, unpack and identify your own worldview.

2) Identify conceptual limitations, political, cultural or gender biases of your worldview and assess
     any risks to you or others that your worldview might engender.

3) Practice opening your mind to the next level in some area where you feel constricted.

4) Consider how your worldview might look different through the lens of toroidal interconnectedness.

5) See where this basic moral question fits into your worldview:
     “When is it OK with me for someone to violate someone else or take their stuff?”

6) Consider how your relationship to these four core elements of self-esteem might be influencing
     your worldview:

a) Belonging

b) Uniqueness

c) Power

d) Purpose

7) Discover, describe and honor the differences in worldviews with your friends, family and colleagues.

8) Listen to differing worldviews with curiosity, understanding and compassion, and at the same
     time, stand up with strength and kindness for your own.