30 Million Milestone

We want to take a moment to celebrate over 30 million documented views of THRIVE. All of our marketing has been completely word of mouth so we quite literally could not have achieved this without you.

We initially launched the movie in ten languages, and it is now in 29, including subtitling for the deaf communities. This happened because people from countries around the world volunteered to transcribe the movie into their languages, including Greek, Korean, Bosnian and Norwegian, among many others. We know this is no small job, and we thank Kimon Petrohilos, Pyeong Ock Park, Mujko Kocan, and Kathrine Jelstad, and everyone else from around the world who translated the film, for their help.

We also want to take this time to thank the 1,047 people who have formed groups on the THRIVE Solutions Hub, where people from over 100 different countries are coordinating their resources and efforts to make for more collaborative and leveraged activism.

And thanks to all who subscribe to ThriveTogether, where we gather every month for an online think tank. And to those among the nearly quarter of a million folks who “like” us on Facebook, tweet the movie, join the thousands who have hosted screenings, and otherwise engage in whatever way feels right to help to create a world that truly works for everyone. We are grateful to each of you for helping us move toward our shared vision of a thriving world.

“The vision of Thrive Movement is a world where people are healthy and engaging in non-coersive healing and creative practices in alignment with natural principles, on behalf of all life.”

We continue to hear from people every day about how THRIVE is touching their lives. Just this week, we received this:

“Your documentary is absolutely amazing! I have to say your research and dedication to understanding why our global humanity is in the current tragic state is very enlightening, factual and unfortunately true I believe. I applaud you for having the courage to bring this extensive information available to anyone who is seeking to know what is going on in the world. I will share your documentary with anyone who wants to know more about this. You have given me information I will research further to expand my understanding of the world view. Keep up your eye opening quest so more people can wake up to see the truth of what these new world order people are after. God Bless Us All!”


Thank you all for your dedication to the truth and long term solutions for a planet where everyone can thrive.

With our deep gratitude and partnership,

Foster, Kimberly and The THRIVE Team


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